Imperdible el Rap que Habla Bien de WordPress


Chuck, The Seo RapperChuck, The Seo Rapper, así se llama este joven que en este tema habla de los CMS que le gusta usar (Content Management Systems).

Oyéndole hablar, es obvio que se trata de un desarrollador web con gustos musicales. Os paso la letra para que veáis que también él habla bien de WordPress. Imperdible.


The SEO Rapper talking CMSs
You building a website then listen to this lesson
Determine what kind so you can build it right
Ecommerce brochure blog or a microsite
But these days most sites contain all of these
I’m bout to tell u what I like and what works for me
I prolly step on some toes this just my opinion
Feel free to post a comment and tell me different
premade templates and themes, man what are you thanking
if you doing that, you need to go planking
talking to myself cause currently I’m using one
my new one under construction though almost done
I use wordpress and also use it for my clients,
easy to use, easy to train not rocket science
its SEO friendly, its not magic
shout out to Matt, you know I’m down with Automattic
its easy to get it,
plugins and widgets
user friendly interface, I can dig it
it ain’t all good, got some bad thangs
too many hacks to do and to many upgrades
but lets keep its moving
the next one I choosing
Modx, thats the other CMS I’m using
Its php based too but a lil more complicated
And to say its more robust is an understatement
It has plugins to and also has snippets
Create a custom chunk that’s better than a widget
Works great with SEO and it loads quickly
U can customize the admin side if u picky
I can make a great site with proper execution
Ain’t gone lie I still use modx evolution
A few weeks ago could’ve been the day before
Kelsey and aaron said revo was the way to go
And it might be but I don’t have enough information
He was doing uploaded image manipulation
Custom galleries quite naturally I actually
Did one by myself without needing php mastery
I use modx to create a huge site magically
It Practically help me save my clients catastrophe
Do it right and improve ur web presence dramatically
I ain’t gonna call it easy cause skilled u have to be
Shout out to ryan thrash hope he don’t get mad at me
I’m just answering the questions that was asked to me
I have a new client with a site using joomla
I seen that and told him that he should’ve came sooner
he said this is worthless, Chuck can you work this
said seem like they made it extra hard on purpose
what makes it worse is
he was using virtue mart
bout to switch him to cart 66 or foxy cart
Wordpress or Modx, truly not sure yet
he asked me if I ever heard of Drupal CMS
told him yeah I used it twice but I wasn’t diggin it
and I didn’t have the time to sit down and try and figure it
I put it to the side
next to concrete 5
and frog cms and them other guys
now you know what I’m choosing
which one you are using
hit me up on Google Plus tell me why you used it